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Auto Tire Recycling 300

Performance300 kg/h
Energy consumption80-120 kWh
Overall dimensions18х4.5х4.2 m
Weight20 tons


The Auto Tire Recycling 300 is a line of equipment suitable for installation in a cities with a small population and for enterprises to produce rubber crumb products. This set of equipment is designed to provide a full cycle of rubber crumb production and to open new profitable lines of tire recycling. The Auto Tire Recycling 300 tire recycling equipment is the ideal solution in terms of price and quality.

The capacity of the Auto Tire Recycling 300 line is 300 — 500 kg / h. This machine processes rubber automatically so the produced rubber crumb is free from textile and metal cord, and it does not have additional inclusions. The line is designed to recycle used car tires from cars and trucks, as well as aircraft tires with a high content of textile cord.

To obtain 300 kg of crumb rubber per hour, at least 500 kg of worn tires must be loaded into the shredder. Since there is about ± 20%  of inclusions such as textile and metal cord, your output will be:

  • Rubber crumb (crushed into fractions) 300 kg / hour
  • Metal cord ± 100 kg / h
  • Textile cord ± 80 kg / h

As the result crumb rubber is automatically broken down into fractions:

  • 0.1 mm — 1 mm
  • 2 mm — 3 mm
  • 4 mm — 5 mm

The complete set of Auto Tire Recycling equipment has a modular structure, this feature makes possible the ito increase the productivity of the line. In order to increase productivity, there is no need to buy a separate tire recycling line. If such a need arises, we will bring and install additional units of equipment for you without increasing the area, only electricity consumption and productivity will increase.

Being recycling, crumb rubber will repeatedly goes through different stages of cleaning from additional inclusions such as textiles, metal, dirt and dust.

The complex of Auto Tire Recycling 300 equipment has 4 levels of purification from metal cord, this technological solution completely excludes the ingress of metal into the rubber crumb composition. Metal is separated almost at every stage of rubber crumb processing. There is a passive system for capturing metal particles which is additionally installed on the screen of the classifier so at the stage of rubber crumb sorting, crumb rubber is completely cleaned from the metal cord.

After going through all the grinding stages textile cord, dust and dirt removal begins immediately. The line includes three stages of cleaning from textile cord and dust, two cyclones of a dust collector and a textile vibrating sieve.

How do the line works

Visual inspection, removal of spikes and other non-recyclable elements from the recycled tire that could get into the car tire during operation (bolts, screws, large metal elements that are not magnetised).

Passenger wheels are completely recyclable. As for truck tires they could be fed into the automatic line only after they are cut into small segments, three to four parts.

After inspection and preparation, the selected car tires are transferred to a loading conveyor to be fed into a shredder and shredded into smaller segments (crisps).

After crushing, the resulting material goes to the magnetic separator N1, where the metal cord and other metal inclusions are separated from the rubber composition.

Then, the resulting material enters the pneumatic track and it is transferred to a rotary crusher for crushing the rubber crumb into final fractions. After passing through the impact crusher, it becomes possible to remove the textile cord from the rubber composition.

After grinding the material into the final fraction, the material goes to the cyclone dust collector N1 where the fine dust particles and finely shredded textile cord are separated.

Furthermore, the resulting crumb rubber passes through a magnetic separator N2 to provide more complete and deep cleaning of metal particles.

After cleaning from metal and dust, rubber crumb falls on a textile vibrating sieve to remove the textile cord. By vibration the textile separated from the rubber is removed from the rubber composition, sieving through a sieve and a fan system.

After passing through the textile vibrating screen, the rubber crumb is picked up by the air which flows from the pneumatic line and sent to the cyclone N2 dust collector to remove the remaining dust. And then it goes into the magnetic separator N3 for to clean deeper the metal particles.

Finally, the last stage of the crumb rubber production is a vibrating sieve classifier. On a vibrating sieve classifier, the obtained rubber crumb is sorted into a final commercial fractions: 0.1 mm - 1 mm, 2 mm - 4 mm, 4 mm - 5 mm.


The service quality

For 10 years, The Global Plant company is a leader of producing the finest quality equipment.



While producing equipment, we use only the highest quality components.



The Global Plant company has its own service center and special department for supplying spare and consumable equipment items.

Indoor equipment installation

* By contacting our company, you get all the calculations and equipment pricing, including delivery, installation, commissioning and your  personnel training.

Accommodation requirements

To install the Auto Tire Recycling — 300, you need a room of at least about 80 m2, a ceiling height about 4 meters. The operating equipment temperature range  starts from -20 to +40 degrees, but the recommended room temperature according to the demands of the Russian federation’s health code : Category Ia + 21C at 15-75% humidity. These conditions are also comfortable for workers.

Foundation requirements

The foundation is designed for a typical configuration of the Auto Tire Recycling 300 line for processing tires into crumb rubber. The requirement for the foundation of the supplied equipment is approximate and depends on the quality of the existing foundation in the room.

The foundation is allowed only on a compacted base inside a heated room. Installation of equipment in an unheated room is allowed only by a prior agreement with the manufacturer.

The foundation dimensions are: 20 meters long, 6 meters wide, foundation thickness is 25 cm. When constructing a foundation, it is necessary to provide a 10mm expansion joint between the existing floor and the foundation.

Steel grade for reinforcement class A 400 (A-3) — 25G2S in accordance with the GOST standard 5781-82, fittings should be tied with each other. Fractional crushed stone 20-40 with fractional folding 5-20. The recommended concrete grade is B15.

Electricity supply requirements

Auto Tire Recycling 300 line power consumption ranges from 80 to 120 kW. Instant starting power is 160kW. Therefore, install at least 180 kW into the room to switch on the Auto Recycling 300 line.

Advantages and difference between us and our competitors

This technological complex is designed specifically for the used tires processing. The most important difference from equipment of a similar structure is that this complex processes worn-out tires by low-speed mechanical crushing, which has a positive effect on the quality of the rubber crumb produced. The crumb obtained by this method is not exposed to high temperatures during grinding, therefore it does not lose its physical and chemical properties; that is why it has high demand and price on the market!

We use the latest technologies while producing equipment! All bearing structures of the line are massive for a best safety factor of the equipment. Components are made of specially selected high quality steel grades. Production is carried out only on modern and high-precision CNC equipment. Our company knows what the manufacture of technologically sophisticated production equipment is, therefore the car tire recycling line is an indicator of the high quality and reliability of equipment manufactured in Russia.

Any rubber product, including a car tire, has high elasticity, resilience, and mechanical strength. Therefore, the components that are used by Auto Tire Recycling line equipment are specially designed for the processing of the rubber products. Each gearbox, motor, processing mechanism is specially made for the Global Plant, in conjunction with processed material properties.

The Auto Tire Recycling line is equipped by a pneumatic track, which ensures smooth and fast delivery of the recycled material from stage to stage. The usage of a pneumatic line is one of the most important advantages of this equipment, which provides a fast processing cycle, blowing of raw materials to reduce the temperature during transportation in the system and, as a result, a greater cleaning of the material from dust and additional inclusions. So you won’t spend money on repair because the usage of the pneumatic lines exclude a waste of time and frequent breakdowns, in contrast to equipment with conveyor belts. Also, the use of pneumatic lines has a positive effect on the dimensions of the line and allows you additional cost savings on electricity.

All cutting and friction elements which are used in our equipment are made from a Swedish wear-resistant Hardox steel. Hardox steel is a uniquely hardened and tempered hot rolled steel with a high margin of safety and wear resistance. Due to its high surface hardness, it effectively resists to many types of mechanical and vibration wear. The usage of HARDOX steel in equipment for the used tires processing allows us to achieve high performance indicators, significantly reduce the cost of consumables and an order of magnitude increase the already fundamental margin of safety of our lines for processing tires into crumb rubber.

Auto Tire Recycling equipment has a large margin of safety, that is why it provides perfect functioning for years. We use only the highest quality and proven materials and components. The equipment is designed for 20 years of work

All equipment presented on our website is a proprietary development of the Global plant’s specialists. Any technologically or structurally similar equipment offered by other companies is a low-quality copy of handicraft production! Beware of suspiciously low prices and discount offers, good equipment is expensive. By offering you a big discount, the manufacturer will save on components for your future equipment.


Choosing us as an equipment supplier — you choose a reliable partner filo used on cooperation and beneficial partnership!

What do you get: turnkey equipment supply, equipment warranty and the best service. Before sending the equipment to you, we thoroughly test the equipment in our workshop to identify and eliminate possible errors made during production.

After passing the tests, the equipment is sent to the paint shop to be painted, packed and shipped by the transport company. The equipment is insured during the transportation.

On arrival of your equipment at the place to be installed we train your personnel how to maintain and operate the equipment. Under the clear guidance of our engineers, your people will be trained: to install and dismantle the production line, equipment maintenance, replacement of spare parts, work on equipment.

Equipment characteristics
Equipment package

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