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Global plant company produces technological complexes for the processing and recycling of solid household waste. Our main clients are people who interested in purchasing reliable and high-quality equipment.
We are market leaders in processing equipment production!
After you placing an order for the production of equipment in our company, you get full support of the transactions from contracting with us, such as equipment delivery, its installation and staff training. We offer you a service list to organize your business: from website creation to the registration of permits!

Our goal

Production of high-quality, reliable and most important cost-effective equipment for waste processing.

Small dimensions, simplicity and reliability make our equipment attractive for agents from all over the world!

The motto of our company is «Make the world cleaner», because while delivering of each our complex, we help to preserve the environment.

Main directions

Manufacturing and supplying of:

  • Equipment for processing tires (into rubber crumb).
  • Equipment for the paving slabs rubber crumb production (production for floor coverings industry).
  • Equipment for processing metal (to separate metal from rubber).
  • Industrial shredders for municipal solid waste crushing (shredding solid waste).
  • Crushers for bringing rubber crisps to the final fraction (crumb rubber).
  • Hydraulic alligator metal shears for chopping tires (solid waste into small pieces).
  • Crumb rubber sale (1mm, 2mm, 5mm).
Modern technologies
We produce high-quality and modern equipment thanks to our professional team.
We use Innovative materials and modern production of such a brands as:
Siemens, Schneider Electric, SSAB, Hardox.


The Global Plant company is located on the territory of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Plant, founded in 1936.

JSC «KMK» is a city-forming enterprise, one of the largest metallurgical plants on the Russian Federation’s territory.

During the second world war from 1941 to 1945, KMK produced defense products. The armor smelted in the plant were used to produce 50,000 heavy tanks out of 108,000 units throughout the USSR, spare parts kits for aircraft — 45,000 units out of 95,000 units, shells — 100 million out of 220 million. Plants evacuated from the western regions of the country were also located on the KMK’s territory.

In Soviet times, the plant was awarded numerous awards and orders, therefore the Novokuznetsk city itself was called twice highly regarded and decorated by :

  • The Order of the Red Banner of Labor 1943
  • The Order of Lenin 1943

Even now many workshops of KMK still produce the military equipment for the country.

There is a strict access and passing control regime on the plant’s territory. Therefore, during the period of our equipment, you can not worry about its safety in production.


Global Plant has 84,000 m² of production facilities and 8,500 m² of the office space. The area of ​​the open areas for additional buildings and storage is about 37,000 m².

The main specialization of Global Plant is production and mechanical engineering of metal structures.

There is is a circular driveway and railway sidings around each our production room. The territory has its own parking and internal roads between industrial buildings and other buildings.

Distances from us:

  • to Moscow is 3745 km
  • to Spichenkovo international airport is 25,1 km

We have connections with railway tracks.

We have a possibility to shipping the equipment to the railway platform directly in the assembly shop.

In total, Global Plant has 4 workshops with total area 84,000 m² ,provided with all the necessary engineering infrastructure: power supply 13.5 MW, two plasma plants with CNC and a 3×6 meter work table, three turning shops, a workshop for the production and assembly of metal structures, a workshop for the repair of metallurgical equipment, a foundry, a heat power workshop, a water supply workshop, metrology and automation department, central automation laboratory and mechanization.

The full name of the Company

Limited Liability Company «Global Plant»
Abbreviated — Global Plant LLC

The Registration information

Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) — 1194205021317
Taxpayer identification number (TIN) — 4253046405
Registration reason code (KPP) — 425301001


Do you trainings for staff to operate the equipment?
Is it possible to see the production capacity?
Do you perform commissioning works?
How can I find out the prices for equipment?
Who produce the equipment?
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